Prep + Finish

  • Creative Ink

    Creative Ink

    Creative Ink is perfect for creating one of a kind projects. you can use store bought stencils, if you have a cutting machine the possibilities are endless. Creative Ink is water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, no solvents and no smell!! And the product...

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  • Fabric Magic

    Fabric Magic

    Simple Instructions:Shake before use ~ Apply with a natural bristle brushMix with Plaster Paint Co.® paints Mixture ratio is 1:1(Example : add 16 oz fabric magic to 16 oz of Plaster Paint Co.® paint)Mix well until you have achieved a pudding...

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  • Aging Wax ~ 8oz

    Aging Wax ~ 8oz

    Aging wax is a great finishing product to deepen your current color and age your piece. May be used as a finishing sealant after buffing or allowing to fully cure for a low traffic project.  

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  • Crackle ~ 8oz

    Crackle ~ 8oz

    Easy to use and perfect to add that old world country look to any piece.. For specific instructions please visit our tutorial via our Facebook page.

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  • Jewels Magic Seal

    Jewels Magic Seal

    Jewels Magic Seal is a non-sticky water based, NO odor product which truly seems like magic. Perfect for sealing between layers or using as your final sealant - it will create a flat matte finish.

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