Prep + Finish

  • Superior top coat - retail

    Superior top coat - retail

    Plaster Paint is proud to offer this amazing top coat, which has been formulated to provide you with the hardest most durable finish ever! Perfect for wood, bath tubs, countertops, ceramic tile, metal, ETC... Made for indoor and outdoor use. It...

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  • Creative Ink

    Creative Ink

    Creative Ink is perfect for creating one of a kind projects. you can use store bought stencils, if you have a cutting machine the possibilities are endless. Creative Ink is water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, no solvents and no smell!! And the product...

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  • Fabric Magic

    Fabric Magic

    Simple Instructions:Shake before use ~ Apply with a natural bristle brushMix with Plaster Paint Co.® paints Mixture ratio is 1:1(Example : add 16 oz fabric magic to 16 oz of Plaster Paint Co.® paint)Mix well until you have achieved a pudding...

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  • Glitter Glaze

    Glitter Glaze

    Add a little sparkle to any Color or project.   Plaster Paint Glitter Glaze is the perfect product to dazzle & make your project shine! It is a water based non toxic glaze which can be applied over previously painted or freshly painted...

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  • Liquid Wax

    Liquid Wax

    Great for use indoors or outdoors - You can choose from Super Gloss or Matte finish - No buffing required - Used for all furniture pieces & recommended for all metal, plastics, glass, appliances, countertops & most non-porous surfaces. Best...

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  • Aging Wax ~ 8oz

    Aging Wax ~ 8oz

    Aging wax is a great finishing product to deepen your current color and age your piece. May be used as a finishing sealant after buffing or allowing to fully cure for a low traffic project.  

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  • Paste Wax

    Paste Wax

    Paste Wax ~ Great for indoor use on your fine furniture pieces, kitchen and/or bathroom  cabinetry. You can buff your project using our buffer brush & will see the project change from dull to a silky smooth finish ~ should you want a matte...

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  • Crackle ~ 8oz

    Crackle ~ 8oz

    Easy to use and perfect to add that old world country look to any piece.. For specific instructions please visit our tutorial via our Facebook page.

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  • Jewels Magic Seal

    Jewels Magic Seal

    Jewels Magic Seal is a non-sticky water based, NO odor product which truly seems like magic. Perfect for sealing between layers or using as your final sealant - it will create a flat matte finish.

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