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Megan Huffman ~ The Velvet Chair ~ Adair, Oklahoma said: I have always loved junk, vintage, refinishing and repurposing. I did my own things for myself but never realized how much I would enjoy it. Someone brings me a piece of furniture that needs love and asks me...make it look like this. And I can! I also quit a state job that I worked very hard to attain. The hours were so hard on my family...namely my son, Cooper. He is on the Autism spectrum. He also has Tourette's. Now, I'm home with my kids, never missing a beat and I'm doing what I really enjoy PLUS making ends meet.

Lynn Bennett ~ Sweet Peas Charm ~ Banning, California said: Kathy & Annette, I wonder if when you started the tedious task of mixing paint to start an incredible company, you had any thought about how many peoples' lives could be so positively influenced by your efforts and success...? I thank God for bringing me to all of you (through Clydia!)!



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